Our passion for organic products began when our founding member Melissa was struck down by a mystery illness. She could no longer continue working & struggled with everyday life as a mum and as a wife.  The unsuccessful  journey of visiting countless doctors and specialist brought no relief and no answers to cure her illness. When finally diagnosed with Fibromyalgia by a Melbourne Rheumatologist , the suggested treatments at the time were all prescription based, majority being anti-depressant & pain medication which made her feel worse with many unpleasant side effects.   

She began reading and doing a lot of research into the symptoms she was experiencing and came to realize that she was not alone.  Melissa then continued her journey down the path of natural remedies with the help of a qualified Naturopath.  She stripped her diet & lifestyle back to basics and this included removing all processed foods, chemical based cleaning , skin care products & health supplements.  The change was incredible although Melissa is not “cured” she has her condition under control and is living a happy & healthy life.

Along the journey Melissa found it difficult to find an affordable Certified Organic soap range which drove her passion for organic products to where we are today.  We have created Certified Organic, All Natural, Animal Cruelty Free & Vegan Soaps.  Many products out there claim to be organic but if you take a close look at the ingredients you will most likely fine that only one of the ingredients is actually organic.  Our soaps are certified by a well recognized organisation (The Organic Food Chain) giving you peace of mind that our products have been tested and approved by the certification board. We are proud to have our products Made in Australia to support Australian jobs and the manufacturing industry.

Our skin is the largest organ in our body with many roles to play in our health and well being.  It’s complicated role plays its part in temperature regulation, immune defense, vitamin production, and sensation. The chemicals we put on our skin are absorbed directly into our blood stream and can severely damage the skin and cells.

At Cinagro our aim is to continue to grow our Certified Organic range and provide an affordable product for everyone! You will wear your skin every day for the rest of your life so please be kind to your skin, love and care for your body & the environment naturally.